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My name's Darina.
I would like to present my successful story, since I came to Australia until now. I came to Australia in March 2010, I was really like who came to the unknown…
It’s like I born again, so I have to learn everything over and over, but in different way. Especially because I was focus to have a job here. So, I stepped up my first step, when I start to study English in ACL Auburn. They gave me the opportunity to develop my language and to start connecting with people in better way.
After that, I start my Customer Service Course in Macquarie Community College (MCC) in Blacktown. This course was a quantum leap to me, because it was really useful, and it changed me to the best, because I learnt a lot of information and developed my skills by helping from my great teachers ever!!!!
They indicate us, the best ways to the success, and they gave us all their time and attention to teach us everything we needed. They teach us how we can organize our self and how we can be self-management and they show us the best ways to solve customer’s problem with patience.
So, In my opinion, and after my own experience, I think we can be really successful, if we have the good and right people in the right place and time!!!
And we are very lucky cause we had these teachers with us. so really thankful for everyone
I had 18 classmates, and we were a great team together, because we were always help and advice each other!!
After I finished my wonderful course, I started my Work Experience in July 2011 for 2 weeks, in Best & Less, Kids Store. To be honest, I was excited and stressed too!!
But it was a nice job and I met a nice employees and I had a lovely Manager.
My duties were: I helped in stocktaking (work with team) and I marked down the stock and organized it. And also dealt with the customers and helped them to get what they needed.

After I finished my WE, the Manager told me that she likes my work so much and she was very satisfied from me, and that’s sound good for my future job!!!
Now, I have plans to do, like try to search for a real job and apply for it, and that’s what I’m doing now!
And I really hope to find a good job as soon as I can.

Finally, I would like to thank every person, who gives us all the attention. So,
THANKS my English Teachers.THANKS for ACL, AUBURN.THANKS for MCC, BLACKTOWN.THANKS NAVITAS English, to giving us the opportunity to do this courseAnd THANKS for my wonderful Teachers ever!!!Now, I feel I can completely start to have a job , and that’s all with your helps.Regards,DarinaJ

I have a lot of goals. When I was child, I want to be a teacher.because I could judge other people as the teacher had done for me if I can be a teacher. I alway set new goals because I always change jobs and these jobs were so difficult. From my experiences, I knew that life is full of change. Of course, future also is changable. All I can do is to value every chance, work hard and try my best self-study and self-develop. I don't know what will I be in future. I try my best to do what I like and interested things, Using different ways help other people and make them happy.
- Lei (Customer Service Course - Blacktown)

Hi ,my name is Darina ,I want to share some of my plans with you here,and I really want from everyone to advise the others about anything. in that position,we will be as a team,or we can call it (advising team) :)
anyway my plans for the future ,and specially after I finished my WE,are to apply for real job,I was wanted in the first place an officer job,but when I finished my course,I learnt a lot of things, who changed my way of thinking,for example I was insistence to work just in office but when I learnt about organisation and self management, I felt that its not the end of the life if I started from scratch specially in my second I will seach for a good job,no metter where or if it will be in office or not,all I need now is to find my self in this job like to feel happy with my team work and comfortable with my duties and my skills that i have to do,so i think the best solution for me is to apply for office job and in the same time, I want to apply in clothe store and I ll try to see where my chance will take me in my first job :)
so good luck for everyone and for me too!! ,and please do NOT forget the advises for me :)
Darina :D

Liezel77 Yesterday 9:58 pm
How's everyone??
I just wanna share whats my plan for the future, as of now i'm going to do Further study at the moment i enrolled in Tafe for Certificate 2 for Business,my class start on July 20, i think i could use this course to improve what i learned in Customer Service i could get a job in Office as a Receptionist, I think i'm not really suit on the shop after all the work experience i've done...! That's all for now, Good Luck everyone

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