Dear students,

Welcome to this wiki. It has been set up to help you in your preparation for the Australian workplace and assist you with your quest for a job in NSW. This is the Home Page of the wiki. On the left side of this page is the contents of the wiki. There is a list of pages in alphabetical order. There is one page for each topic. Each topic has some information or instructions to follow and a discussion board for you to interact with other members of the wiki.

After reading the contents of the page carefully, you can voice your opinion or make a comment on the discussion board. Go to the Training page to find out what you can do to actively participate in this wiki and how you can do things, correctly.

I would like you to go to the following pages, check the discussion board on these pages and post your comments. Please read what other students have posted and make your comments, as well. I can see some very good interaction taking place and I greatly appreciate it.

  1. Personal details: Please enter your name and necessary personal details in the table on the main page itself.

  2. Introductions: You can introduce yourself in he Discussion board of this page by writing a few important things about yourself.

  3. Why did I join this course: Write down your reason for joining the course you chose. You can do this by editing the page itself.

  4. Impressions of the course: Write your impressions of the course that you have enrolled in. You can do this by editing the page itself.

  5. Work Experience feedback: On this page you can will find a feedback form that you can fill up online, after you finish your Work experience.

  6. Plans for the Future: When you are almost at the end of your EPP course, you can write about all your plans for the future, on this page.

  7. Words of Wisdom: On this page you can write anything about job hunting that you think is worth sharing with other students.


As part of your Employment Pathways Program training offered by the Employment Pathways Unit (EPU) of Navitas English Pty Ltd, you will be introduced to some very important and informative websites. You will also be able to access other online information that is relevant to Working in Australia and Job searching in NSW. There are various things that you can access as part of your Individual Learning Experience. There will be separate pages for the following:

For each of these topics there will be a Discussion Board for you to discuss concepts and ideas, clarify things and give personal opinions.There would also be links to useful websites and other information. Please make good use of these resources and if you have any questions to ask or ideas to share, email Bernard Lewis at bernardl@acl.edu.au

Note: Check out information about the Employment Pathways Program and student success stories, the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), the Language Literacy and Numeracy Program (LLNP), the International Language Testing System (IELTS)


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