Words of Wisdom

Many of you are well-educated and some of you have come into this country with a lot of experience. This page is set up for you to share anything that you think is interesting to share with the others. You can post interesting proverbs, maxim, adages or quotes by popular personalities on this page called Words of Wisdom.

Feel free to upload your content by clicking on the EDIT tab on he top right side of this page, next to the image of a pencil.

Make sure you check your content for spelling and grammar errors before uploading it.

Please preview your message before clicking the Save button on the Formatting bar.

You don't need to use the link, file, widget or table tabs. They are not necessary at this stage.

Also avoid changing font type or size and using numbers or bullets.

Just type your content in correctly and remember to write the source of the proverb, maxim or adage and the name of the author of the quote.

Please write your name within brackets at the end of the content.

You can also use the Discussion Board, if you wish.

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@ Bernard Lewis (EPU, NAVITAS English)