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Hi, My name is methaq I join this course because I felt that this job is suit on my personality i'm a kind of person that love to talk to people, help,and this course prepere to my disability and I hope it's easy to find job in this country because there are many hotels in sydney and i can find job in one of them
in this course i can find the knowledg about how to deal with the people and how to make good communicatino with the diffrent culture people that is one of importuint think i shoud do it here to learn more information about this comunity , i advise every one to do this course becoue you can learn skills and basid that you learn the languag very well .
Thank you to listen to me.

Hi everyone, My name is Liezel, i join this course because i felt that this job is suit on my personality i'm a kind of person that love to talk to people, help, be friendly and i dont like to work in a one corner of the room just facing all the paper works or wall :) If i get a job when i finish this course not that hard for me, b'cuz i had some experience to become a businesswoman.When i was in my country i had a small business which is Jewelry and Mobile Phone, when i move to Australia i help my friend to sell her Handbags and Fashion jewelry Business. Good Luck to everyone

Hi, everybody. My name is Yu.Lei. I learn this cause because I feel that customer service is a very basic but important technoligies in our life. This cause can develop my communication skills, understandind the culture at workplace and other relevant skills and technoligies in customer service area. This cause also can help me improve my looking4work skills. The two weeks work-experience also help me to fit in and solve a lot of problems in workplace with the teachers' support.
The most important reason is that I trust the teachers at ACL. They are working-hard, kindly, friendly and focus on students' needs. I do love them.
Thanks give me this oppitunity.

Hi,everybody! I would like to join this course because I need a full time job. I hope to get a job after finishing the course. - PeggyChen

Hi I am Gopal. How are you alll & how is your new course going? Do you think we will be able to get jobs after completing this course? - Thanks Gopal

Hello,everyone! I'ts so great to joined in WIKI and I wish can make new friends here. I am sure we will be able to get jobs after completing this coures.^_^

Hi everyone,
How are you all? Well, I hope. For now I just want to say hi and also that I've got two nice teachers and some interesting classmates. I am enjoying my daily studies with them.I like this course very much and hopefully after finishing this course I will get a good job. Cheers. - Farzana

hello every one how are you?? how is the corse going on with you ??? i like it really. it is very interesting course.very nice teachers and i met very good friends it is wounderfull. hopefully when i finish this corse i will get a good job!!! cheers. - Mesky.

Hi everyone how are you ? how is the course going on with you? and i am enjoying my course its very interesting and i like it.And the other things is
my teacher is very helpfull and very nice and i met different cultaure people and its very wonderfull and i also make new friends in my class.Hopefully when i finish my aged care course i will get a good job in nursing home ......Cheers ...Sapna vohra

Hello Everyone
I, Kanika Handa joined this course because I really need a job and I want to work in a industry where I can serve others. Thanks

Hello everybody,
I'm Sakhidad , I came from Afghanistan in 2009. I am trying hard to adjust to life here in Australia, so I am doing this course for two reasons. The first reason is that I love this field, to serve the old people (because they remind me of my parents) and the second one is to find a job, so I am enjoyin this course and hopefully I will find a job after completion.Thanks and bye.

Greeting to All.
I'm Mary, am from Liberia.My reason for doing this course is because I have the pasion for working with older people,and I hope this course will increase my chances of employment in the Aged Care indurestry.Meanwhile, I have had previous training and this course will definately improve my knowledge and sk

Hi everyone :)
I'm Darina.I come from Lebanon.I loved my coure sooooo much cause I learnt many usuful things and I'm so exciting to start my work experinece and work with every things I learnt!!!! after my work experience I'll find a real job :)
Thanks for my Teacher Mik and Allison and Thanks for Bernard and Cornelia.
You work so hard for us.
Best Luck for every one!!! :

Hi Everyone
How are you? How is getting your course? I m very happy with this course because Im able to do something after finish this course.This course can devlop my communication skill to understand eachother which really important for us. That's why I hope one day I will get suces in this Country. THANKS BHANU.