Courses EPP and TEWR

Under the Pathways to Work Program, ACL offers courses for clients who are ready to work. The clients should have at least 1 AMEP (Adult Migrant English Program) hour remaining and should not have received their Certificate III in CSWE (Certificate in Spoken and Written English).
Each term, at least 6 (EPP) Employment Pathways Program courses and 1 (TEWR) Traineeship in English and Work Readiness Program course is offered.
These courses are offered 4 times a year - in January, April, July and October. The courses offer additional training to AMEP clients to provide them with relevant information and to help them develop the necessary skills that would help them succeed in acquiring a job in the mainstream Australian workpforce.
These programs are fully funded by the Australian Government, Department of Immigration and Citizenship through the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP). ACL is a leading provider of the TEWR in metropolitan Sydney and delivers the program to AMEP students.

The EPP and TEWR include the following:
Extra 200 AMEP hours (on top of 510)
Extra 160 AMEP hours (on top of 510)
At least 40 hours work experience (part of 200 hrs)
At least 60 hours work experience (Part of 160 hrs)
Focus on helping clients to get a job (eg: Industry research and information, networking, work preparation skills, Australian workplace culture) and on the language need in the workplace
Focus on helping clients to get a job (eg: Industry research and information, networking, work preparation skills, Australian workplace culture) and on the language need in the workplace
Work experience in an area related to respective courses
The work experience will be related to your area of expertise

Eligibility for the courses:
  • Clients need at least 1 hour of AMEP remaining and must not have achieved CSWE Certificate III. The Employment Pathways Unit, ACL Parramatta can be contacted on (02) 9631 1121 to check eligibility.
  • Clients must be ready for work or undertake further study after the course.
  • Clients should not have already participated in any other Pathways to Work Course.
  • Clients need a considerable competence English communication skills to be able to undertake employment.
  • Only a limited number of clients can do this course so placements can not be guaranteed.
  • Clients interested in an EPP course do not need to have previous experience in the industry. But, clients interested in the TEWR course must have relevant overseas qualification and at least 2 years related experience in an occupation or profession.

Clients who are eligible and interested in these courses should:
  • Attend an information/ enrollment session at the ACL college where the relevant course is scheduled to be run.
  • Complete an enrollment form and bring it to the enrolment day.
  • Come prepared to take a short assessment of writing skills and work awareness.
  • All clients who are interested in a course will be interviewed to ensure that they are suitable for the relevant course.
  • Fill in a written undertaking which includes a commitment to attend and actively participate and to fulfill all the requirements of the course.

Details of the courses:
  • About 7- 8 weeks classroom training by an AMEP/ LLNP teacher/ VET trainer.
  • An average of 2 weeks relevant work experience in the vicinity of the client's home or place of study. Work experience provided by the Work Experience Placement Officers (WEPOs).
  • Some English perparation for the relevant workplace/ assessment tasks for units of competency.
  • Units of competency from recognized VET courses - some courses are full AQTF qualifications.
  • Jobsearch preparation, including resume writing and interview tips by a Pathways To Work (PTW) Counsellor.
  • Excursions and relevant guest talks by industry experts and past clients.
  • Hands-on training for some courses and practicals in a workplace.
  • Vocational counselling and mentoring to enable clients plan a pathway to work or further study.
  • Continuous jobsearch support provided by an Exit Officer (EO) for several weeks after the course is completed.
  • Free childcare will be organized for the duration of the course for children aged 5 years and under.

The various courses that have been offered at the different college include:
Certificate II in Business Administration
Certificate II in Retail Operations
Preparation for Aged Care
Preparation for Childcare
Kitchen Hand and Cleaning
Preparation for Housekeeping
Preparation for Forklift and Warehousing
Warehousing and OH&S
Preparation for Apprenticeship and Training
WorkplacePreparation for Professionals
For more information please contact:
Employment Pathways Unit
ACL (NAVITAS English) Pty
7/7 Hassall Street
Parramatta 2050 NSW
Phone: (02) 9631 1121
(02) 9687 2695