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An interview is actually a two - way process and an opportunity for both parties involved to exchange views and ideas. It is aimed at getting maximum information about the other person and in turn, sharing as much about yourself. Hence, a job interview is a meeting between the employer and the job seeker to exchange information that would determine whether an applicant is suitable for a job or not. It is also an opportunity for the job seeker to decide whether he/ she is making the right choices of career. But, in most cases the interviewer (in this case the employer) seems to have the upper hand, thus putting the pressure on the job applicant (job seeker). There are different types of Interviews and all of them have just one aim, which is, to get the most suitable candidate for the advertised job.

Although a lot of employers would agree that an interview is not the best way to select a potential employee who would perhaps be in the company for a long time, it is a fact that interviews have remained the most common method of selecting employees. In some cases, the selection process would involve several activities and formalities which would cover a lengthy period of time. This usually happens with companies or businesses that have a reputation and are genuinely interested in developing their public image and goodwill. Many small businesses would rather have informal interview processes which would not require much effort and finance.

Whatever the nature of the interview process, every job applicant is extremely nervous when it comes to having to face an interview. Some are confident, but most are not very optimistic. Job seekers for whom English is a second language, it is all the more daunting. To assist job seekers have a better understanding of the interview process and to be able to prepare for and perform well in interviews, there are several agencies that offer paid and free assistance. There are also plenty of resources, on line.

If you have been invited to attend an interview there are a list of things that you would have to prepare before you attend it. Below are some pointers to preparing well before an interview. There are also tips on what to do during and after the interview.

The best examples that are those demonstrated by visuals. So, watch the following videos

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  • Two very funny interview examples for you to have a laugh

  • A video on "Five Secrets to a Job Interview"

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The videos are followed by other online resources that you can read and get a lot of information about the processes of job interviews.

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