Impressions of the course

After having completed a couple of weeks of the course could you write down your impressions of the course in the Discussion Boardof this page, please? Feel free to write anything you want to, but make sure that you check your spelling and grammar before you post your feedback on the Discussion Board.

The things that you can consider when planning to write your impressions of the course are:

  • The course timings and structure

  • The teacher/s or trainer/s involved in the course

  • The course material and assessments

  • The classroom and other infrastructure

  • The counselor and job search training provided

  • Your classmates and the friends you have made, if any

  • You can write about anything else like class activities, child care facilities et al.

Revised: Mar 17, 2011 3:21 am
@ Bernard Lewis (EPU, NAVITAS English)