Goal setting


Setting goals is something we do all the time. We set time frames and targets for every task we undertake without even knowing that they are. Having an objective and working towards accomplishing something within a manageable time-frame is what goal setting is all about. Goal setting is not uncommon when looking for a job.

Setting targets and working towards a goal motivates you to succeed ... and success is sweet!!

Have you heard of SMART goals? That's the smart way to go about goal setting. We all can be motivated, self-starting dynamos – when we feel like it. But, let’s face it: sometimes starting or setting out to do a job can be very difficult, especially when we are our own boss. These tips might help you get your body and mind to work together to get you off the couch and into active productivity.

The first thing to be done is to make a start and let it be a 'good' start. Begin with planningoals cycle.jpgg to do it.

Take a piece of paper and write down all the things that you would like to achieve ... no, no, no ... all the things that you would like to do ... BIG or small.

Get the ball rolling by writing down the list and then divide them into what is really necessary and what is not.

Strike out the ones that are not and highlight the ones that need to be done first. Then prioritize them into Long term and Short term goals.

Break the individual goals into smaller manageable portions and set specific time frames for each portion. Sometimes a task just seems so huge and impossible to be done all at once.

Plan your work, and then work according to your plan, slowly and surely. Take one step at a time and always stop to look back at what you have achieved.

Treat yourself after you complete each milestone. Don't burn yourself out. Take a break and smell the roses. Review your successes with a friend or family member and then challenge yourself to complete the next phase of the task. If you fail, assess the outcome ... figure out what’s holding you GreatWallClimb.jpgback and fix it.

Ask yourself questions. Is it something that you hate doing? Do you lack the knowledge or skills to carry it out? Is your mind cluttered with other concerns that are making it impossible to focus on the tasks involved? Are you physically tired or mentally unprepared?

Motivate yourself with the relief you will get when the job is done and you have achieved your goal. Relax, take control of your mind and then get right to work. A bit of social activity or physical exercise can sometimes work wonders. Meditation is also a good remedy to psyche yourself up. Have a little talk with the man or woman in the mirror!! There is no better motivator than self-affirmation, self-confidence, and positive thinking. Look yourself in the eye and tell yourself that you can do it and that you have to do it.

Visualize yourself as the master of your task, and visualize your task from start to finish. Endurance and perseverance are the most important ingredients. It may take several hours of planning and hours of self-assessment ... and tons of hard work ... but soon you will cross the line ... you ​will achieve your goal!! Nothing succeeds like success, and each move ahead inspires the next and the next and the next.

Note: This is a useful website and also a link to The 7 Ps of goal setting for further reference.

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